Project Informations :

-22.7 is a project about the process the artist « Molecule » uses when creating music. Indeed he likes to immerse himself in a location where he will record sounds and use them directly for his music. Rhis project is about his last album -22.7, where he when to Greenland to record and then create his music.

During the experience we alternate between 360 videos and 3D graphics. The videos show the actual location and the 3D graphics show the inner world of Molecule. For the sound it meant going from realistic sounds (some of them recorded directly by « Molecule » on location) to abstract sound design on multiple occasions.

The experience is on Oculus and uses a « Subpack » on top of it for more immersion. It is aimed at festivals. The project was done with a team of 6 people.


My roles in the project :

  • Sound Design :
    • I created assets for the main experience and I did all the sound on the 360 prototype video which was used to get funds.
  • Sound Integration :
    • I did additional integration for sound assets on the main experience and I took care of all the subpack system (linking a Max/MSP patch to Unity). Unity was sending informations to the Max/MSP patch which had a list of sub frequency only sounds that would make the subpack vibrate depending on the situation. The Unity side was done in C#.