Audio Engine

The audio engine is a personal project (that started as a work project but got cancelled) currently wip that I am doing to get deeper understanding of audio engines and C# in Unity. It is not meant to be released.

The goal is to take some of the Wwise most used features and implement them in Unity using C#, to do this I also take the example of Fabric which is an engine previously (the next version will be standalone and available for UE4 as well) made with C# in Unity.


The Audio Component represent the basic controls of an audio source, basically corresponding to parts of the « General Settings » of a sound sfx or a voice in Wwise.

This is where you can set up a random pitch, a random high or low pass filter and more for your sound.


The events work in the same way they would work in Wwise, you add actions to them (the actions are linked to the audio component) and they get played depending on the order you put them and/or with special delays when the event is called. So far only 4 actions are done Play/Stop/Pause/Resume.


Example of a basic event, please note that in this version the fades in/out have are partly bugged.