Project Informations :

Claude Monet Water Lilies is the project done for the museum of the « Orangerie » in Paris where it was available from Mid 2018 and until Mars 2019 and part of Arte series of virtual reality painting experiences. It is about the story of Monet and George Clemenceau, what inspired the painter to paint this long series of Water Lilies painting and why did he gift some of them to the state through Clemenceau.

This project is for Vive and was done in UE4. For this project the company I worked for « Novelab » did not do the full project, only the sound, and so I was working alone with a remote dev team. https://www.musee-orangerie.fr/fr/node/1015


My roles in the project :

  • Sound Design :
    • I did all of the sound design for this project.
  • Sound Integration :
    • I did all of my sounds integration in UE4 using Blueprints.