Notes On Blindness


Project Informations :

Notes On Blindness is a project about the life of John Hull who recorded his experience about going blind on cassettes (which are used in the experience). There is a short film as well as a feature film on top of this application which was done with a development team of three. The goal was to help people understand what it’s like to be blind.

The project was first released on GearVR for free and had great success for the market with around 400 000 download and a rating of 3.8/5 out of around 12000 evaluations, it also got many awards at festivals around the world. It was then ported to many platforms.

For more information on the overall project you can visit :


My roles in the project :

  • Sound Design :
    • I was part of a team of two sound designers who did all the sounds for this projects be it by recording them (including binaural recordings) or creating them.
  • Sound Integration :
    • I integrated all of my sounds using Wwise as well as a plugin called Two Big Ears (now part of Facebook) to simulate binaural sounds.
  • C# Programming :
    • Due to the size of the team I often had the chance to code systems not related directly to sounds (Language Manager, Features for our Timeline tool (as the project was done before they existed in Unity), gameplay, and more.
  • VFX :
    • Near the end of the project our VFX member left and I managed to rapidly learn and finish the VFX for the project using PopcornFX.
  • Ports to Android and iOS (both cardboard and magic windows), Oculus, Oculus Go, Oculus Quest :
    • Debugging and/or coding of new features for the platforms mentioned, either alone or with a programer (for Oculus). On top of that I started the PS4 port for the PSVR headset as a proof of concept, but the port was canceled.