Listener Override

Since this game will be a third person game, I needed to override the basic audio listener. The new listener is placed on the character but it’s rotation is on the camera.

Simple sound example (fire)

Basic example of one of the fire sounds that make up the ambient sound in the first room.

Using a cone attenuation for more realism as well as a distance attenuation and a custom spread. To avoid non wanted harsh rotation effects when the source is too close the spread get higher as we get closer.

Custom Occlusion RTPCs (I will talk about my occlusion system more in a later video, the basic concept is that I am launching a few raycast to a sphere around my character, depending on how many hit the RTPC is updated.

Voice Optimization, there is many fires in the scene and as such I send most of them to virtual voices when I am not close enough to hear them.

Basic settings of a fire loop, some small randomization on the pitch and sending it to a custom bus for 3D AMB sounds as well as sending it to a game defined auxiliary send (using spatial audio volume in UE4, I’ll talk about it in a future video).