Project Informations :

Sonotoolkit Cirque is a collaboration project between « Novelab » and Fheel Concept. It is a Max/MSP patch aimed at circus artists who want to develop audio in their shows.

It takes input from microphones or sound files, which can then be sent to multiple blocs including basic effects like reverb, sample triggering, pitch, etc… and then go through a spatialisation process.

This project was very small scale (around 3 weeks of development time) and is supposed to be improved after feedback from artists. The goal was to make it basic enough to understand for most circus artists who are often not comfortable with more technical tools.

It is currently in a rehearsal location called « La Grainerie » for artists who can register to try it.


My role in the project :

  • Patch in Max/MSP :
    • I did all the patch in Max/MSP during around 2 weeks, the patch was then tested during one week in rehearsals where I was present and took feedback from the artists, I then implemented these feedback in one more week.