Project Informations :

Umami is a project about the last meal of a prisoner on deathrow in Japan. It is an original and fictional story. Is it a mixed project at it uses VR as well as a real life installation which is used to tell other parts of the story and to increase the sensations of the user (a trap door is actually under your feet while you do the VR experience and is lowered as you get hanged in VR !).

This project was done with a team of around eight people and I was the main sound designer on it. The full experience was done in the Venise festival and got great reviews, sadly missing the title second only to another of Novelab’s project : « Sphere ». It is currently available for any festival interested.


My roles in the project :

Sound Design :

I did around 90% of the sounds (recordings / voice integration / asset creation) for this project.

Sound Integration :

I integrated all of the sounds using C# directly in Unity using the first version of what became our « audio engine » for Unity.

C# Programming :

Implemented the first features for our « audio engine » which got improved and expanded over time. This engine is now used in all of our projects and features are added on a regular basis.